Three Rivers ITT Series

Mountain Range

The Three Rivers Individual Time Trial Series is comprised of three incredibly scenic and challenging routes - each in a different river region - that allow you to push your limits on your own clock while earning rewards and a spot at the annual Fall Invitational end-of-season party!

Click on the logos below for downloadable route maps.

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Death March Revival

93 Miles / 12,000 Feet

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Dirty 130

130 Miles / 14,000 Feet

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Tellico Highlands

85 Miles / 10,000 Feet

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Mountain Range


The series runs from July 1st thru June 30th annually.

Fall Invitational

Everyone who completes one of the ITT's will be invited to join us for the Fall Invitational

end-of-season party held annually the first Saturday of November.

Triple Crown

Everyone who completes all three ITTs in the same season will receive a special award at the Fall Invitational commemorating the accomplishment.

T-Shirts & Patches

Everyone who completes one of the ITT's will be mailed a commemorative patch. We'll also award you a free t-shirt at the Fall Invitational.


Special King/Queen of the Mountains prizes will be awarded to the two people (male & female) with the lowest combined times for all three challenges.

Belt Buckles

The riders at the top of the ITT leaderboards at the end of the season (June 30th) will be awarded a commemorative belt buckle at the Fall Invitational.

Mountain Range


The series runs from July 1st thru June 30th annually.


Riding the routes is free anytime and you do not have to register before you ride. However, you do need to have your ride verified after you've completed the ride in order to get on the leaderboard. (Use the verification form below.) After we have verified your ride, we'll mail you a patch commemorating the accomplishment. We'll also hook you up with a t-shirt at the Fall Invitational race & party the first Saturday in November.


The leaderboards for each time trial reset annually on July 1st, which means that you need to complete at least one of the challenges no later than June 30th to qualify for the Fall Invitational that November.


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Support & Wayfinding

All of the time trials are self-supported. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with each route prior to attempting the rides and that you prepare a nutrition & hydration plan. Please note that there is almost no signage on the routes.

To a get a sense of what it's like to ride these routes and to see what bikes & wheels past riders have used, check out all of the firsthand accounts on our Ride Reports page!


We're offering these routes as a free service and in no way assume any liability for your experience in choosing to ride them.

Mountain Range


Please note the location and conditions of each ITT start/finish.

Death March Revival

The route starts and ends at Thunder Rock Campground. Parking is free next to the campground (do not park in designated campsites), and pit toilets are available. Click here for more information about Thunder Rock Campground.

Tellico Highlands

The route starts and ends at Oosterneck Overlook. There is no fee to park there, but there are also no facilities. It is simply a pullout at the base of the Cherohala Skyway. If you're looking for a bathroom, stop at the Cherohala Skyway Visitors Center or the Cherohala Market in Tellico Plains.

Dirty 130

The route starts and finishes at the intersection of Hwy 30 & Kimsey Mountain Hwy. Parking is available just around the corner from the start at Mona's Antiques. Please park away from the front door off to the left. Click here for a location map. Please note:

1. There are no restrooms available. 
2. Use caution when riding on Hwy 30 as traffic may be moving fast.
3. Mona's Antiques is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or content.
4. Mona's Antiques is owned by the same people who run Hall's Store which is right at the start of the route, so please thank them for their generosity in allowing us to park there by purchasing some snacks and drinks.

Mountain Range


The ITTs are all about self-sufficiency and a level playing field.

To be eligible for a recorded time and placement on the Leaderboard, you must abide by the following rules:

1. You must take a picture of your bike computer right before you start and right after you finish. The pictures need to show the time of day and the mileage.

2. Each ITT requires you to take a selfie at a certain location. DIRTY 130: Buck Bald. DMR: Mulberry Gap. TELLICO HIGHLANDS: Indian Boundary Lake.

3. DIRTY 130 RIDERS: Do not use the railroad bridge to cross the creek! Crossing on the railroad bridge will result in automatic disqualification. If you are concerned that it may not be safe to cross the creek, contact us for a bypass option.

4. The route must be ridden in one unbroken stage.

5. No drafting at any time.

6. No stashed caches along the route.

7. No sharing supplies between riders.

8. No outside assistance with navigation.

9. No motorized transport or hitch-hiking. You must complete the route under your own power.

10. No support crews. You can only receive support from local businesses on-site during their normal business hours.

11. You are allowed to leave the official route at any time as long as you return to the route within 100 feet of the point that you left the route.

12. You must have a contingency plan in place before you start the ride in case of emergency or if you need to quit. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being out there.

TRAIL MAGIC: Trail Magic is an unexpected occurrence that lifts a rider's spirits and inspires awe and gratitude. During an ITT, obtaining an item from another person can only be unsolicited and accidental. Otherwise, the receipt of assistance or supplies by individuals when it's not available to all riders reflects a lack of self sufficiency which renders an effort not self-supported. In short, you can't ask for Trail Magic. You can only pray for it!

Mountain Range


Current standings for the 2021-2022 season. (For past results, click here.)


  1. Jeramie Hoff 10/2/21: 29h-26m

Tellico Highlands

  1. Jer Walker 10/23/21: 7h-33m

  2. Jeramie Hoff 10/24/21: 8h-15m

  3. Tim Smith 10/24/21: 8h-15m

  4. Graham Grant 11/20/21: 10h-6m

  5. John Switow 10/3/21: 10h-11m

  6. Bob Seitz: 10/9/21: 10h-14m

  7. John Robertson 10/11/21: 10h-16m

  8. Grant Robertson 10/11/21: 10h-18m

  9. Jeremy Cook 11/5/21: 10h-37m

  10. Scot Eisenman: 10/9/21: 10h-52m

Death March Revival

  1. Jeramie Hoff 10/2/21: 9h-12m

  2. Carey Lowery 10/01/21: 10h-43m

  3. Graham Grant 10/23/21: 11h-46m

  4. Luke Eichelkraut 10/23/21: 11h-46m

  5. Tater Roe 9/12/21: 12h-44m

Dirty 130

  1. Jeramie Hoff 9/03/21: 11h-59m

Mountain Range


Please use the form below to submit your ride for placement on the leaderboards.