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Mountain Range

We had originally planned to offer this 4-day adventure as an all-inclusive bike tour, but the permitting and logistics proved to be more problematic than anticipated. We may still turn this point-to-point ride into a fully-supported vacation down the road, but in the meantime we've added it to the website as a self-guided bikepacking trip.

While the trip is gravel-bike-friendly and not a rugged bikepacking adventure like Three Rivers Way (no singletrack and no remote camping), the routes have plenty of challenge and the scenery is spectacular! Consider this a bikepacking trip for those who want a deep woods adventure on gravel forest roads, but who also like campground amenities and a hot shower at the end of the day. Please note that because the campgrounds are not primitive, they are only open seasonally. It is therefore imperative to check availability and make your reservations well in advance.

The adventure begins & ends in RELIANCE, TN, and rolls almost entirely on national forest roads through the incredibly scenic & rugged mountains of East TN and Western NC, a region once home to the Overhill Cherokee.

Mountain Range


1. We have provided multiple distance options for each day's journey. To access these downloadable Ride With GPS route maps, click on the map images for each day below.

2. As with most of the route maps in our neck of the woods, Ride With GPS underestimates the percentage of gravel on these routes.

3. Fireside Outpost also makes a great place to start and finish this adventure. It adds a few miles, but it's a fantastic campground that includes several cabin choices and it's open year-round. Let us know if you would like help mapping to and from Fireside Outpost.

4. Also let us know if you run into problems with campsite availability (especially during the off-season). There are some primitive alternatives that we can recommend.

5. We are providing these routes as a free service and in no way assume any liability for your experience in choosing to ride them.

65 Miles | 8,000 Feet of Climbing

TN Overhill Day 1 Long.jpg

70 Miles | 7,600 Feet of Climbing

TN Overhill Day 2 Long.jpg

50 Miles | 6,600 Feet of Climbing

TN Overhill Day 3 Long.jpg

45 Miles | 3,500 Feet of Climbing

TN Overhill Day 4 Long.jpg
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