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Mountain Range


Randy Kerr (3)


Some Dirty 130. Testing new Garmin Edge 130+. An epic route, no doubt! I didn’t take the time to familiar myself with the new device before heading out into the wilderness , so it called for confusion and quite a few U-turns. The steady drizzle of rain deepened the mud puddles and the frequency of P breaks as the day progressed. Snuck up on lots of wild turkey. It’s so cool watching them takeoff to go airborne. Ran slap dead over-the-top of a copperhead blending with the rocks. Plenty of God’s work. Eye-catching white water streams and water falls. A little bit of hike a bike through a short thicket follow by a take your shoes and socks off water crossing - just too deep to motor across. That Smith Mountain miles and miles of rock gardens, though! Double kudos to Lee and Walt conquering this route in the snow. Would be fun to take 2 to 3 days to bikepack. Oh!! And Special thanks to Kim Murrell for creating this mixed surfaces monster route. I would put the difficulty right up there with the Belgian waffle race, Asheville.

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