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Mountain Range


Matt Schweiker (3)


Continued my streak of late starts with tires rolling at 11:32am from the pullout. I left the hardtail home and rode a Crust Bombora (steel frame) drop bar gravel bike with a Bedrock frame bag. The first part of the route packs a punch with the initial climb up to the Waucheesi mtn split followed by the North River Road climb. I didn't stop at Green Cove but took advantage of resupply at Indian Boundary campground. The section starting at the Jake Best Campground between mile 65 and 73 was new to me. It was punchy and the road/trail quality was pretty burly. Still a good time but don't get fooled by the relatively tame elevation profile. I lucked out with great weather and no mechanical issues again. Really enjoyed this route!

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