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Mountain Range


Matt Schweiker (1)


Started out from Thunderrock campground at 9:48am without being fully committed to riding the full route, (having considered not dropping down potato patch to MG).I'd just come off the previous week of being down with the flu and wanted a big day in the saddle without pushing the pace too much or worrying about my time. Weather was great, perfect temps in the shade.

I rode a Litespeed Pinhoti 3 Ti hardtail with a Rockgeist frame bag full of Corn Nuts and Snickers Bars. I carried 2 large bottles, 1 mounted to the fork via a Tailfin clamp and the second in a Revelate Feed Bag. I've ridden the Death March previously on a drop bar gravel bike but prefer the comfort of the bigger tires and front suspension for the chunky Cohutta gravel.

Stopped to filter water at the spigot above Jacks River, then made it to Mulberry Gap at 3:23, just in time to buy two leftover bagged lunches and keep moving. Mulberry Gap is such a great resupply/oasis for this area.

After climbing back up Potato Patch, everything seems to be faster rolling for a bit. Rode for the final 1.5 hours in the dark and was nearly scared to death by a pack of wild hogs in the middle of the road as I was ripping around a corner. Back to the car at 10:10pm.

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