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Mountain Range


Jer Walker (3)


Random Thoughts From D130

Wish I wouldn’t have left my scuba tank at home, this humidity is FOR REAL

Lots of turtles out today

Where did the campground go, am I out of it already???

Sorry I stink Webb Bros.

Water level at the creek crossing was low this time

Too bad the hub deep mud pits that followed were not…
Took 40 minutes to get rid of that temper tantrum

Star Mountain was kind to me today despite the sun and loose surface

That Full Tilt Boogie descent sure is fun even though it feels like you’re riding on top of marbles

Ivy Trail is the cheese grader chip seal version of Miller’s Ridge…

That woman at the Coker Creek Visitor Center is so nice

Come on Johnny Ringo!

Buck Bald is my favorite climb on any if the ITT routes. I love that it’s narrow and sinewy and how it meanders along with low probability of encountering another Human.

Thanks for not attacking me dogs on Bailey Road

I almost always screw up the turns on Finger Board

That entire swath of land between Hwy 30 and 68 is vastly underrated and is no joke. Do not treat those as transitional sections to “chill” on.

Is Cox really necessary? Seems insulting at that point in the ride…

Sorry folks, park’s closed. Nanna is having surgery…
You didn’t know that when I came in on Monday to see if you would be open on this very day?????????

Let the meltdown begin…

The Reliance sure is a beautiful river

That was the last happy though of the day

With 100 already in the legs, that last 27 to the finish might be the cruelest in cycling history

I wish there more rocks out here…

Hell was appropriately named and is my least favorite section to ride EVER

So wrecked, even the Kimsey downhill was an unpleasant chore

Thanks Mona/Hal

I pushed all my chips in and rode for the win

Chris Joice and Jeramie Hoff laughed all the way to the bank with all my money
I concede that those two are better men than me. True Bad MoFo’s.

I have no regrets

See you in November

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