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Mountain Range


Beth Lofgren (2)


Started a little later than I intended. Stupid Starbucks doesn’t open early enough haha! I knew it was going to be hot, so I overloaded the fluids carrying 2.5L on the back and 2 -24 oz on the bike. I tend to overdo it. Weight training. I rode a Specialized Epic hardtail with Fast Tracks. Training for my second Leadville and while I miss my supercaliber squish on a route like this, I need lightweight. The ride was pretty uneventful. I felt much better today than my first attempt a few weeks ago when I just had no power. I slowed down to take pics. The excitement began when I made the turn onto Millers Ridge. I thought I’d never been on this road, but as soon as I heard loud thunder, I remember two years ago riding with my husband and being caught in a lightning storm. What are the odds?

Apparently high… I realized I was going to have to pick up the pace as the flashes started. I’d count in between and noticed the lightning was close. Nothing like a little storm to make you push it. I stopped at the end of the road in a driveway to let the storm go by for awhile.

The storm likely kept the workers from being on Turkey Road, but it was pretty difficult to cross. I’m really glad they weren’t there because I don’t believe they’d let me cross since there wasn’t really a place to cross.

Finished up at the start.
Loved this route!!

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