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Mountain Range


David Dellinger


Weather was perfect, almost cool. I rode a Giant Revolt. For this ride, I rode with WTB Resolute 42s. I felt very comfortable on them, they are a little rounded and a little more nobby than a lot of other gravel tires. But good for loose gravel. Tubeless and started with 35 lbs of pressure. For gearing, I put on an 11 x42 . I didn't spend much time at all in the 42, but I'm glad I had it, because it gave me a chance to actually recover a little on the extra long climbs.

Because I tend to bonk, I started with 3000 calories. I only ended taking on around 2200. I really enjoyed SIS energy gels on the climbs, just really easy to open and take on. Otherwise, I used Huma Chia Energy Gel Plus which is easy on the gut. For more solid food, I used Nature's Bakery Fig Bars from WalMart. I tried to take on 100 calories every 20 minutes. For water, I carried three bottles (the third was for insurance), one for water and one (big bottle) with GU Roctane doubled up with an LMNT. Probably overkill, but P for plenty on the magnesium, etc. I refilled water three times: Ranger station (20ish miles), Beach location at lake (??), and Water Pipe (64ish miles). Really good day.

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