The jersey features the Tennessee Gravel logo with a blue-sky day background on the front and a gray night background on the back. The back pockets highlight the 3 Individual Time Trials we offer plus the Three Rivers Way bikepacking adventure. The sleeves represent a night under the stars with moonlit mountains, constellations on the shoulders, and this quote from Tolkien on the left sleeve: Not all who wander are lost

Tennessee Gravel Jersey

  • Designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, this high quality Giordana custom jersey is perfect for long days of backroad exploration. Available in both men's and women's cut, with a fit that is more snug than a club jersey but not skin tight like a race jersey. (Please note that the men's sizes are smaller than normal. We recommend ordering one size larger than you're used to for the men's jersey. The women's jerseys do not have this issue and are comparable to other brands.)